About Our Company

It begins with a relationship. A restaurateur needs a location. A landlord needs a tenant. An investor needs property. They all need someone they can trust. So they rely on the broker with the reputation for taking every deal seriously and taking every client’s need to heart: John T. Evans Company. We shoot straight. We do what needs to be done. We make it happen. It may take extraordinary tenacity to bring all the moving parts and varied interests together into a successful transaction. But we do it. Because we know that what holds everything together is the relationship. And in this business, there’s nothing stronger than that.


Whether you want to find a space, fill it or sell it, whatever you need to achieve in retail real estate, you need a partner. An expert who knows the market, knows the properties and knows who to work with.

We are that partner.

We will bring all our experience and knowledge to bear on serving you. And we’ll do our best to exceed your expectations. Call us. Let’s start a relationship.

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