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Real estate and food and beverage have always gone hand in hand and Drew is no stranger to either or these scenes. A fourth-generation Texan and a second-generation Texas realtor, Drew has worked in real estate offices since high school. A native Dallas-ite, Drew returned from Austin in the mid 2000’s after attending St. Edwards University, but not before a short stint working in a kitchen where he gained an appreciation for the bar and restaurant scene.

Over the course of a few years he began to realize his passion for real estate which propelled him into new home sales career with a large national homebuilder based out of Texas. Design, market trends, financing, land development, and grassroots networking were all skills that he developed while working in the homebuilding industry, skills that translate exceptionally well into commercial real estate. “You really get a sense of what’s going on and where trends are headed when you are on-site in a certain community all day. You get to hear all the gossip, politics, business talk, and new development rumors before anyone else knows them just because you’re always present. All my friends want me to be their tour guide when they have friends and family coming from out of town simply because I am intimately familiar with so many areas of town that I’ve worked in. What I like so much about working with John T. Evans company is that I am doing this but it is actually my job!”

After several years for working in new homes sales Drew knew it was time to continue his journey and step into a larger role. 

“Working in a sales office for a homebuilder is one of the best jobs in the world. You rarely see new home sales consultants leave the business. The money is hard to leave and the relationships are even more difficult. However, I knew that if I didn’t make the jump now I never would. Life is funny like that. You have to listen to those voices sometimes and I’m so glad I did. Commercial real estate is as exciting as it gets.”

Drew is currently working on several retail projects across the metroplex. You can find Drew relentlessly hunting for the newest cocktail bar or sampling the hottest food concept in town.